Book Review Policy

Are you an author or publisher with a book that you would like to have reviewed on The Book’s the Thing? Please read the review policy, and if you think your book would be a good fit for this site, then fill out the contact form below.

NOTE – I am not accepting review requests for independently published works at this time. I’ve had such a great response that I have a backlog and need to get caught up. I may still be willing to help promote your book if it fits in with the blog, however. If you are interested in doing a giveaway, cover reveal, interview, guest post, etc…, then please fill out the form and let me know. Thank you for understanding!

  • I will read and review most genres – if yours is not listed here, just ask! My preference is for mysteries / thrillers, and historical fiction. I enjoy science fiction and some romance, especially if there is an element of mystery or suspense. I will also review young adult books, and will consider middle grade books as well since I have 2 daughters who can provide me with their feedback to add to my review. I do not read or review erotica, and prefer books without excessive amounts of graphic language, gore, or explicit sex scenes.
  • I will read and review books from any publisher or self published author as long as the book has been well-edited. I have a hard time finishing a book full of typo’s and grammatical errors, no matter how well written the story might be.
  • I will get back to you if I am interested in reviewing your book or doing a promotional post. If you need a review or post to be published on or by a specific date, please mention the date when filling out the form.
  • I will accept either physical copies or e-book copies for review. Ebook copies need to be in epub or mobi format whenever possible.

Please be sure to include a link to your website or blog if you have one.


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