Guest Post and Giveaway from Jodi Hockinson – Author of Between Two Worlds

Between Two WorldsTemi stood in stunned silence at the sight before her. She had finally come face to face with the man of her dreams….literally. Having slipped through time as a child, she had seen this man on three occasions. Destiny now seemingly fulfilled, this man she recognized from her past travels through time was standing right in front of her, in a small general store, at the foot of the mountain that she called home. But Temi has a secret. She is inextricably linked to the spirit that resides in the heart of the mountain. The time she had spent shifting into her other life as a mountain lion had brought her even closer to the mountain spirit, and she wondered how this man might be part of divine will.

John has gone to the same fishing cabin every year for the past ten years. But this year’s trip is different – he receives a mysterious visit from a little girl. He forgets about the event, until a string of paranormal occurrences unfold, compelling him through an incredible exploration of his past, present and future as he moves forward to meet his destiny.

Find out how John finds his soul mate, and how the pair joins forces to accomplish their future together.

Please join me in welcoming Jodi Hockinson to The Book’s the Thing. Jodi is going to talk to us about her choice of genre, and how she goes about world-building.

Science fiction and fantasy have been my favorite form of entertainment all of my life, so it was not a stretch when I switched, from writing about nutrition and special diets, to writing a story of fantasy realism.  My most favorite movie was Bladerunner, and I have a long list of favorites!

I wanted to come up with a story that hasn’t been done, with a new set of rules that would be both interesting and feasible (from a sci-fi/fantasy point of view).  Writing fiction is more fun, in ways, than non-fiction, but it takes a phenomenal amount of focus and perseverance to keep continuity intact, especially when jumping from one time to another.

There is nothing more satisfying than when a story comes together.  Although there will definitely be more diet books in my future, I can’t wait to write the next novel!

Between Two Worlds, Book I in the Lion Clan series, is a fantasy realism story about a hybrid breed of people who have the ability to change shape into mountain lions.  They can also travel in time, but they are governed by a unique set of limitations.

The people of the mountain lion clan live in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. They reside in the foothills of Picpic Mountain, meaning “cat” in the Cayuse language.  Their power is rooted in the heart of this mountain, and it diminishes when they travel too far away.

Members of the mountain lion clan believe that their brief travels though time are spiritual in nature. Temi exhibits exceptional power by traveling without warning as a child.  Her mother panics and moves Temi away from the mountains, only to return several years later. 

 John is simply a visitor in the mountains, who comes for his annual fishing trip.  He crosses paths with Temi on three occasions: twice when she is a small child, and once when she is in her teens.

 John and Temi meet up in the modern day, and begin to discover how their timelines are connected, and how their destinies might unfold.

 There are unique “rules” to these people, such as what happens when a member of the lion clan breeds with a human, how it works when one jumps forward, or backward, in time, how the young come in to their powers, what happens when they stay away from the mountains, and even what happens when they die.

Between Two Worlds also has some great cliffhangers, and while wrapping up the story, leaves you wanting to know more…

 -Jodi Hockinson

Between Two Worlds, Book I in the Lion Clan series, is available on Amazon Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

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