One Poison Pie by Lynn Cahoon – Blog Tour & Giveaway


In the first in New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon’s Kitchen Witch series, Mia Malone is starting over in Magic Springs, Idaho—where murder is on the menu . . .

What’s a kitchen witch to do when her almost-fiancé leaves her suddenly single and unemployed? For Mia Malone, the answer’s simple: move to her grandmother’s quirky Idaho hometown, where magic is an open secret and witches and warlocks are (mostly) welcome. With a new gourmet dinner delivery business—and a touch of magic in her recipes—Mia’s hopes are high. Even when her ex’s little sister, Christina, arrives looking for a place to stay, Mia takes it in stride.

But her first catering job takes a distasteful turn when her client’s body is found, stabbed and stuffed under the head table. Mia’s shocked to learn that she’s a suspect—and even more so when she realizes she’s next on a killer’s list. With Christina, along with Mia’s meddling grandma, in the mix, she’ll have to find out which of the town’s eccentric residents has an appetite for murder…before this fresh start comes to a sticky end. . . .

Includes Recipes!

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Fatality by Firelight: Guest Post by Lynn Cahoon and Giveaway (ENDED)


Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Kensington (February 28, 2017)
Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1496704375


Cat Latimer’s Colorado bed-and-breakfast plays host to writers from all over. But murder is distinctly unwelcome . . .

To kick off a winter writing retreat, Cat and her handyman boyfriend, Seth, escort the aspiring authors to a nearby ski resort, hoping some fresh cold air will wake up their creative muses. But instead of hitting the slopes, they hit the bar—and before long, a tipsy romance novelist named Christina is keeping herself warm with a local ski bum who might have neglected to tell her about his upcoming wedding.

Next thing Cat knows, her uncle, the town sheriff, informs her that the young man’s been found dead in a hot tub—and Christina shows up crying and covered in blood. Now, between a murder mystery, the theft of a rare Hemingway edition, and the arrival of a black-clad stranger in snowy Aspen Hills, Cat’s afraid everything’s going downhill . .

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Tea Cups and Carnage by Lynn Cahoon – Blog Tour and giveaway (ENDED)


The kettle’s about to boil over . . .

The quaint coastal town of South Cove, California, is all abuzz about the opening of a new specialty shop, Tea Hee. But as Coffee, Books, and More owner Jill Gardner is about to find out, there’s nothing cozy about murder . . .

Shop owner Kathi Corbin says she came to South Cove to get away from her estranged family. But is she telling the truth? And did a sinister someone from her past follow her to South Cove? When a woman claiming to be Kathi’s sister starts making waves and a dead body is found in a local motel, Jill must step in to clear Kathi’s name—without getting herself in hot water.

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Murder on Wheels Blog Tour & Guest Post from Author Lynn Cahoon

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Be sure to visit the Murder on Wheels blog tour page where you can enter to win an ebook copy of the mystery, and you’ll find a list of participating blogs to visit if you are interested.

Please join me in welcoming Lynn Cahoon, author of the Tourist Trap Mystery series, to the blog today. Lynn’s latest book in the series, Murder on Wheels, is available now, and she’s stopped by to tell us why the Book’s always been The Thing for Lynn Cahoon! scroll

Thanks for having me over to The Book’s The Thing. I have to say, my life has always been about the book. I’m in a Lean In circle and we were led through an imagery session. When I looked back at my childhood and the focus of my teen years, books and storytelling were important. No, that’s not quite right—books saved my life.

As a kid, reading gave me other worlds to live in besides the rural country farm where we lived. A Wrinkle in Time is one of my all-time favorites still.

In middle school, I hid in the library with a few kindred souls during lunch, setting up new books on the shelves and in the card catalog. I think this is where I fell in love with mystery series. Nancy Drew, (The Secret of the Old Clock) Hardy Boys, I loved checking in with my favorite characters on their new adventures.

As a teen, I learned about love by reading Gone with the Wind and developed my affection for bad boys with a heart of gold. Which was only more entrenched with my band geek friends and their love for the Tolkien books. Lord of the Rings kept us sane in a world of teenage angst and football frenzy.

As a young mother, I fell in love with Stephen King and the way his bad guys always get their due in the end. The Stand was my go to read for more summers than I’ll admit here. I still love his ability to build new worlds that seem to be just on the other side of the invisible wall.

Finally, I learned to love cozies when I was going through breast cancer treatment in 2007. We’d moved 1600 miles away from my home state of Idaho and all my support peeps when I was diagnosed. The library was my favorite place to visit. During a weekend shot visit at the hospital, the nurse noticed I was reading a cozy. She asked if I’d read Susan McBride’s Debutante Dropout mystery series. Susan is a St Louis resident and a breast cancer survivor. When I said I hadn’t, the nurse brought me Blue Blood and her entire collection that next day when I arrived for my daily shot.

I realized then that there are many people who want to support you during your walk through hell, you just have to be open to the opportunities.

I started writing cozies after that and Murder on Wheels is part of the Tourist Trap mystery series that started with Guidebook to Murder releasing in 2014. And as I write the books, I find I’m as in love with the characters as I was when I read other series.

Writing the Tourist Trap books is like going home and seeing my peeps. I hope reading the series feels the same to my readers.



Lynn Cahoon is the author of the NYT and USA Today bestselling Tourist Trap cozy mystery series. Guidebook to Murder, book 1 of the series won the Reader’s Crown for Mystery Fiction in 2015. She’s also the author of the soon to be released, Cat Latimer series, with the first book, A STORY TO KILL, releasing in mass market paperback September 2016.She lives in a small town like the ones she loves to write about with her husband and two fur babies. Sign up for her newsletter at


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Thanks Lynn! And here’s my Review….

Genre: Cozy Mystery
My Rating : **** (4 of 5 stars)

murder on wheelsGoodreads Description:

The food truck craze has reached the charming coastal town of South Cove, California, but before Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—can sample the eats, she has to shift gears and put the brakes on a killer . . .

Now that Kacey Austin has got her new gluten-free dessert truck up and running, there’s no curbing her enthusiasm—not even when someone vandalizes the vehicle and steals her recipes. But when Kacey turns up dead on the beach and Jill’s best friend Sadie becomes the prime suspect, Jill needs to step on it to serve the real killer some just desserts.

A Tourist Trap Mystery – #6

I love a protagonist who feels like someone I could be best friends with, and that’s exactly how I felt about Jill Gardner. She isn’t afraid to eat cheesecake, tacos, and fries, she reads everything from romance novels to stories about dragons, and she isn’t afraid to (or doesn’t know when not to) speak her mind. I’d also love to quit my day job and work at Coffee, Books, and More!

This is another new-to-me series that I enjoyed so much I will be going back to the beginning to get caught up. It was full of believable characters, a touch of romance, and just enough personal drama to keep Jill on her toes. The mystery kept me guessing, and the solution did not disappoint. If you enjoy cozies, be sure to check out Murder on Wheels!

NOTE: I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.


WAYRW – Murder on Wheels by Lynn Cahoon


What Are You Reading Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by It’s A Reading Thing. To participate, open the book you are currently reading to page 34 (or 34% in your ebook) and answer these three questions.

The Questions are:
1. What’s the name of your current read?

2. Go to page 34 in your book or 34% in your eBook and share a complete sentence. (or two!)

3. Would you like to live in the world that exists within your book? Why or why not?

Now for my answers this week…

1. Murder on Wheels by Lynn Cahoon
Watch for a guest post from the author along with my review in a couple of weeks!
Murder on Wheels (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 6)
Tourist Trap Mystery #6

2. I put the cheesecake into boxes and rang up Darla’s purchase.  She used the Examiner credit card.  I guess she was on assignment with this one.

3. Yes, yes, yes! Right now especially, (It was -1 F when I left my house this morning) I would LOVE to live in South Cove, California! 🙂


I can’t wait to get farther into this cozy – I’m loving it so far. What are you reading this week?