Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday they post a new Top Ten list prompt. This week’s list is Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From. I’m sure these aren’t quite in the right order, but here they are. Let me know who your most read authors are, or leave a link back to your list in the comments!

10. Piers Anthony

I started with Xanth, and the zany fantasies were fun, but didn’t keep me reading like Anthony’s other novels.
Favorites: On a Pale Horse, Split Infinity

9. Lawrence Block 

I have read some of the Matthew Scudder and Keller books , but Bernie Rhodenbarr is my favorite. The Burglar series would be worth reading for the mystery novel references alone, but they are also well-plotted, fun mysteries themselves.
Favorites: The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian, The Burglar in the Library

8. Fredric Brown

My Dad introduced me to a book-club edition of The Best of Fredric Brown years ago. I loved the twist at the end of each story, and set out on a quest to find more. I spent hours digging through used bookshops and bidding on eBay, but I managed to find lots of short story collection as well as full length novels. Living so close to Chicago, I especially enjoy his mysteries set in the city.
Favorites: The Screaming Mimi, The Fabulous Clipjoint

7. Kathy Reichs

I started the Tempe Brennan series when there were already 7 or 8 books available, and read them all in a row. I’ve only missed a few of the now 18 books since. I’ve also started reading her young adult series, Virals.
Favorites: Deja Dead, Monday Mourning

6 & 5. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I’ve read all of the Pendergast series, the Gideon Crew series, and their stand-alones written either together or individually.
Favorites: Relic, Deep Storm, Tyrannosaur Canyon

4. M.C. Beaton

I read every Hamish Macbeth as soon as it is available. I’ve read a few of the Agatha Raisin series too, and they’re not bad, they’re just not Hamish! 🙂
Favorites: A Highland Christmas, Death of an Outsider

3. Rex Stout

I have always loved Nero Wolfe, but I have to admit that it’s Archie Goodwin who keeps me coming back for more!
Favorites: And Be a Villain, Too Many Clients

2. Stephen King

I started reading Stephen King when I was probably too young to read Stephen King, but despite the nightmares, I couldn’t stop reading!
Favorites: The Drawing of the Three, Hearts in Atlantis

1. Agatha Christie

I started reading Agatha Christie’s novels in 4th grade. At the time, I would only read Miss Marple, but thankfully a friend convinced me to give Poirot a try. He’s now my all-time favorite sleuth!
Favorites: Murder on the Orient ExpressA Caribbean Mystery

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