Will PRH be cancelling your favorite cozy mystery series?

For my cozy mystery readers who may not be aware….

There has been a merger between Random House and the Penguin Group, and  Random House has now decided not to renew several cozy mystery series. I won’t pretend to understand the reasoning behind this, but it does include cozies published by Berkley Prime Crime and NAL Obsidian lines. It sounds like they will be cutting the number of these books that are published drastically. I do not have a comprehensive list of series that will not be continued, but Avery Aames Cheese Shop Mysteries (one of my favorites!) and Molly McRae’s Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries are among the casualties.

For those who are so inclined, please take a minute to visit Penguin Random House’s contact form (click the logo, scroll to the Send Us a Note drop-down near the bottom, and select General Feedback) and ask them (in a polite and respectful manner, of course! 🙂 ) not to discontinue their cozy mystery series.

Penguin Random House

A Facebook group called Save Our Cozies has been created for those who would like to stay informed – please visit them for an up-to-date list of series that have and haven’t been renewed. Please feel free to use the sharing links below to tweet or to share this post on Facebook.

AS ALWAYS – the best way to keep your favorite series alive is to buy the books, or ask your library to buy them so you can check them out, and of course READ the books, and review them! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Will PRH be cancelling your favorite cozy mystery series?

  1. Was very disappointed to hear Erika Chase “Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries was not renewed after the 5th book. All five books received high reviews. Can anything be done about this?

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  2. I just left a message for Penguin Random House. I’ve also contacted Berkley Mystery also on Twitter. Some days I make it my mission to like reply to almost every one of their posts. They answer some of them. But they dont’s answer the question, why.

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  3. I tweeted this -I just discovered a lot of these mystery authors -love these books!
    My blog will include lots of cozy mystery talk!-please enjoy it everyone too.😊

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  4. please don’t cancel the “cozies”, they are often fun and quick reads when i don’t have time for something serious!!!!!!!!!! it will be like never hearing from friends again………..


  5. Terribly idea. Cancel some of the exotic instead. Their are too many of them and half the time you don’t know how disgusting they will be until you buy them. I do realize that all books have a following and try to be generous when reviewing but don’t take out Cozies.

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