The Importance of Writing Letters – from Blackberry Morning

lettersHappy Thursday everyone! Today I’d like to share a post from my cousin Sarah’s blog with you. She blogs about living a creative and inspired life, and this post on hand-written letters really made me stop and think. I remember the thrill of getting a letter in the mail when I was younger, and that’s something my two girls don’t experience very often. I think we may make letter writing a family project….

Originally published on the blog Blackberry Morning, on 8/28/15.

When was the last time that you got a letter — handwritten, pen and paper? Whether it was yesterday, last year, or even years ago, you probably remember it and who it was from. Most likely, you still have it hidden away in a safe place. There is just something special about a handwritten note that no one can deny.

Writing someone a letter takes thought and time and intentionality. I feel like when you write something in your own handwriting, it’s the next best thing to your own voice. You’re putting a little piece of you in every letter of every word that a pre-designed digital font just can’t convey. There is an added level of sincerity that is lacking in other forms of communication.  Read full post….

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