Top Ten Historical Settings

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday they post a new Top Ten list prompt. This week’s theme is Top Ten Historical Settings you love to read about. Not sure if I can come up with 10, but here goes….

10. Ancient Greece – I enjoy reading ancient Greek myths and legends, or modern retellings of them.

9. Edwardian England – not a lot of books come to mind, but there is M.C. Beaton’s Edwardian Murder Mystery series.
Snobbery With Violence (Edwardian Murder Mysteries, #1)

8. 1830’s New Orleans – I really enjoyed Barbara Hambly’s Benjamin January series set during that time period.
A Free Man of Color (Benjamin January, #1)

7. Colonial America – I enjoy historical fiction written about the Salem Witch trials, so I have to include this one.

6. Egypt during the Victorian Era – I love the Amelia Peabody series, and most anything else I’ve read set in Egypt during this time period.
Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody #1)

5. Wales, anytime – I love the placenames and the mythology of Wales. Jenny Nimmo’s Snow Spider Trilogy and The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston are the first I think of.
The Snow Spider (Snow Spider Trilogy, #1)  The Silver Witch

4. 1930’s New York – because Nero Wolfe is ok, but I can never get enough Archie Goodwin!
Woodcut of Archie by Kevin I. Gordon, noted portraitist (used with permission)

3. Medieval Times – I enjoy fantasy, and Medieval historical novels come close. And then of course there’s Brother Cadfael. 🙂

2. Victorian EnglandSherlock Holmes. There are plenty of other reasons, but Sherlock is enough for me.

1. The 1920’s – flappers, art deco, speakeasies, and Hercule Poirot! Ok, so not always all together, but still…


Well, I did it – that’s 10! Do you have a favorite?


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